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Reactive transport modeling of fluid-rock interactions associated with carbonate diagenesis and implications for reservoir quality prediction

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Reactive transport modeling of fluid-rock interactions associated with carbonate diagenesis and implications for reservoir quality prediction (Volume 74) (English shop)

Ying Xiong (Author)


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ISBN-13 (Hard Copy) 9783736976498
ISBN-13 (eBook) 9783736966499
Language English
Page Number 196
Lamination of Cover matt
Edition 1.
Book Series Schriftenreihe des Energie-Forschungszentrums Niedersachsen (EFZN)
Volume 74
Publication Place Göttingen
Place of Dissertation Clausthal
Publication Date 2022-07-26
General Categorization Dissertation
Departments Engineering
Energy engineering
Keywords Reactive transport modeling, fluid-rock interaction, Carbonate rocks, Diagenesis, Reservoir quality, Hydrocarbon exploration, Geochemistry, Dolomitization, Dolomite, Karstification, Dissolution, Calcite, Evaporites, Gypsum, Cementation, Porosity, Permeability, Generic model, Column model, Sensitivity analysis, Equilibrium reaction, Kinetic reaction, Controlling factors, Eogenetic karst, Subaerial exposure, Rainfall recharge, pCO2 variation, Karst intensity, Ordos Basin, Sedimentary facies, Geological model, Rock texture, Seawater composition, Porosity evolution, Mineralogy, Paleogeomorphy, Lagoon, Reservoir origin, Reservoir prediction, Diagenetic history, Reaktive Transportmodellierung, Fluid-rock-Wechselwirkung, Carbonatgesteine, Diagenese, Reservoirqualität, Kohlenwasserstoffforschung, Geochemie, Dolomitisierung, Dolomit, Karstifikation, Auflösung, Calcit, Verdunstung, Gips, Zementierung, Porosität, Permeabilität, Generisches Modell, Säulenmodell, Sensitivitätsanalyse, Gleichgewichtsreaktion, Kinetische Reaktion, Kontrollfaktoren, Eogenetischer karst, Subaeriale Exposition, Niederschlagsaufladung, pCO2-veränderung, Karstintensität, Ordos Becken, Sedimentfazies, Geologisches Modell, Gesteinstextur, Meerwasserzusammensetzung, Porositätentwicklung, Mineralogie, Paläogeomorphie, Lagune, Reservoirursprung, Vorhersage des Reservoirs, Diagenetische Geschichte
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Diagenesis research is the foundation of hydrocarbon reservoir characterization and exploration. Reactive transport modeling (RTM) is an emerging approach for diagenesis research, with unique capability of quantification and forward modeling of the coupled thermo-hydro-chemical processes of diagenesis. Using TOUGHREACT simulator, this thesis investigates the two most important fluid-rock interactions in carbonate rocks, i.e., dolomitization and karstification, based on generic model analyses and a case study in the Ordos Basin, China. In particular, this study attempts to quantitatively characterize the diagenetic processes and to reconstruct the diagenesis-porosity evolution of carbonate reservoirs. Some controversies in carbonate diagenesis research, which cannot be well explained by classical geological methods, have also been discussed. The results are helpful to better understand the spatial-temporal distribution and co-evolution of diagenesis-mineral-porosity during the complicated diagenetic processes with their potential controlling factors, and to reduce the uncertainty of reservoir quality prediction.