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 Investigation and Modelling of Vortex Development and Gas Entrainment in Pump Intakes under Critical Inflow Conditions

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Investigation and Modelling of Vortex Development and Gas Entrainment in Pump Intakes under Critical Inflow Conditions (Volume 6) (English shop)

Nicolai Sebastian Szeliga (Author)


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ISBN-13 (Hard Copy) 9783736971899
ISBN-13 (eBook) 9783736961890
Language English
Page Number 126
Lamination of Cover matt
Edition 1.
Book Series Berichte aus dem Institut für Mehrphasenströmungen
Volume 6
Publication Place Göttingen
Place of Dissertation Hamburg-Harburg
Publication Date 2020-03-23
General Categorization Dissertation
Departments Technical mechanics
Security engineering
Mechanical and process engineering
Nuclear energy and reactor technology
Keywords Wirbelbildung, Freier Oberflächenwirbel, Gasmitriss, Pumpeneinlauf, Wirbelbrecher, experimentell, großskalig, Modellierung, Zirkulation, Gashohlwirbel, Skalierung, Überdeckungshöhe, Einlaufgeometrien, Particle Image, Velocimetry, Burgers-Rott model, nukleare Sicherheit, Azimuthalgeschwindigkeit, Tangentialgeschwindigkeit, Gaskernlänge, kritische Einlaufbedingungen, Einlaufwinkel, Froude-Zahl, Wirbelverhinderung, eingebrachtes Moment, Validierung, Korrelationen, vortex development, free-surface vortex, gas-entrainment, pump intake, vortex breaker, experimental, large-scale, modeling, circulation, gas-core vortex, scaling, submergence depth, intake geometries, nuclear safety, azimuthal velocity, tangential velocity, gas-core length, critical inflow conditions, inflow angle, Froude number, vortex prevention, induced momentum, validation, correlations
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The occurrence of gas-entraining vortices in pump inlets of cooling water circuits poses a great threat for the reliable operation of power plants, water turbines and chemical reactors, due to the unpredictable operating behavior caused by gas accumulation in pumps and valves and due to long-term damage caused by cavitation. Since the formation and resulting strength of gas-core vortices depends in large parts on the circulation, caused by the pump intake geometry and on parameters of different scalability, the prediction of vortex development remains challenging for industrial scales. Therefore, the focus of this thesis is on the experimental investigation of induced circulation on the vortex formation in a large scale research setup under critical inflow conditions. For this purpose, vortex formation has been studied for varying circulations, submergence depths and intake geometries within a 50 m³ experimental vessel at the Hamburg University of Technology.