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Conflicting Truths in Academic and Journalistic Writing

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Conflicting Truths in Academic and Journalistic Writing (Volume 17) (English shop)

Jessica Dheskali (Editor)
Josef Schmied (Editor)


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ISBN-13 (Hard Copy) 9783736972070
ISBN-13 (eBook) 9783736962071
Language English
Page Number 296
Lamination of Cover matt
Edition 1.
Book Series REAL Studies / Research in English and Applied Linguistics
Volume 17
Publication Place Göttingen
Publication Date 2020-05-20
General Categorization Non-Fiction
Departments English and American studies
Keywords Academic Writing, Journalistic Writing, Academic Discourse, kognitive Theorien, widersprüchliche Wahrheiten, Wahrheit, Unwahrheit, gefälschte Nachrichten, widersprüchliche Objektivitäten, Netzwerke, Dialog, Truth, falsehood, counterfeit messages, fake messages, Networks, Medien, Bilder, Zeitschriften, Rede, Sender, Überzeugungskraft, Festigkeit, Vertrauen, Hashtags, Hyperlinks, Videos, Medienberichterstattung, Beiträge, Kommentare, Abneigung, Teilnehmer, regierungsfeindliche Medien, Nachrichten-Websites, Journalist, Wahrheitsgehalt, Rezensenten, pictures, Journals, speech, channel, persuasion, confidence, media reporting, Articles, Comments, dislikes, participants, supporters, probability level, truth content, Interviews, Booster, Diskursstrategie, glaubwürdige Quellen, Fiktion, strategy of Discourse, credible sources, Repräsentativität, Irreführung, Lüge, Interpretation, Textanalyse, Aufmerksamkeit, Misleading, lie, Attention, units of measure, broadcasting, cognitive linguistics, Rundfunk, writing, Schreiben, Modalverben

The present volume draws on the experience of the Summer School held in August 2019 in Ohrid, where graduate students and experienced scholars met from Germany, Albania, Serbia, Macedonia, and Croatia.
All contributions discuss original empirical research on texts that construe conflicting truths in the idest sense, either from academic or from journalistic writing, mainly from a South Eastern European perspective.
The contributions can also serve as a general model for open and critical international and intercultural academic discourse in joint teaching, research and publishing.