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A Novel Method for Predicting Product Properties in Fluidized Bed Spray Granulation

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A Novel Method for Predicting Product Properties in Fluidized Bed Spray Granulation (Volume 19) (English shop)

Paul Kieckhefen (Author)


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ISBN-13 (Hard Copy) 9783736975569
ISBN-13 (eBook) 9783736965560
Language English
Page Number 208
Lamination of Cover matt
Edition 1.
Book Series SPE-Schriftenreihe
Volume 19
Publication Place Göttingen
Place of Dissertation Hamburg
Publication Date 2022-01-03
General Categorization Dissertation
Departments Industrial chemistry and chemical engineering
Pharmaceutical technology
Mechanical and process engineering
Allgemeine Verfahrenstechnik
Keywords Fluidized bed spray granulation, Wirbelschichtsprühgranulation, Discrete Element Method, Diskrete-Elemente-Methode, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Numerische Strömungsmechanik, Material Calibration, Materialkalibrierung, CFD-DEM method, CFD-DEM-Methode, Particle-property prediction, Partikeleigenschaftenvorhersage, Multiscale approach, Mehrskalenansatz, Tracked properties, Verfolgte Eigenschaften, Surface Roughness, Oberflächenrauheit, OpenFOAM, LIGGGHTS, CFDEMcoupling, Droplet deposition modelling, Tröpfchenabscheidungsmodellierung, Surface coverage modelling, Oberflächenbeschichtungsmodellierung, Heat transfer modelling, Wärmeübergangsmodellierung, Evaporation modelling, Verdampfungsmodellierung, Roughness quantification, Rauheitsbestimmung, Thermodynamics, Thermodynamik, Solution granulation, Lösungsgranulation, Suspension granulation, Suspensiongranulation, Coupled heat and mass transport, gekoppelter Wärme- und Stofftransport, Shear test, Schertest, Static angle of repose test, statischer Böschungswinkeltest, Dynamic angle of repose test, dynamischer Böschungswinkeltest, Drying, Trocknung, Liquid bridges, Flüssigkeitsbrücken, Capillary bridges, Kapillarbrücken, Stochastic cohesion modelling, Stochastische Kohäsionsmodellierung, Wärmeübergangskoeffizient, Heat transfer coefficient, Impulsaustauschkoeffizient, Momentum exchange coefficient, Stoffübergangskoeffizient, Mass transfer coefficient, Rotational velocity, Rotationsgeschwindigkeit, spezifische Energie, specific energy, Schwerkraftbeschleunigung, gravitational acceleration, turbulente kinetische Energiedichte, turbulent kinetic energy density, Elastizitätsmodul, Young’s modulus, Rabinovich-Gesetz, Rabinovich law, trockenes Gas, dry gas, Soulié-Gesetz, Soulié law, Feuchtkugelzustand, wet bulb state, product properties, Produkteigenschaften, Produktmodellierung
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Fluidized bed spray granulation is a process that facilities particle size enlargement by injecting solids in the form of a suspension, solution or melt. The produced particles are often of high value due to their highly specific, functionalized nature. This work provides a method for utilizing particle-scale simulations method like the coupled Computational Fluid Dynamics-Discrete Element Method (CFD-DEM) to predict the properties of particles produced in scaled-up apparatuses based on laboratory-scale experiments by correlating the conditions that particle experience to the properties they develop. Furthermore, a method for calibrating DEM models of weakly wetted particle systems by utilizing a novel, probabilistic liquid bridge state model is proposed.