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Here you will find the latest press releases and news about Cuvillier Publishing House:

Business Breakfast

The PFH Private Hochschule Göttingen invited to the Business Breakfast on 22.03.2022.

You can find the complete event review by the Character Magazine here.



40 Years of “Biotonne”: An Invention from Witzenhausen – Review of the Successful Project

Waste separation plays a major role in Germany. The organic waste garbage can is younger than you might think. A professor from Witzenhausen helped develop it. Almost 40 years ago, the University of Kassel-Witzenhausen first distributed bio garbage cans to collect organic waste. Now they can be found in front of almost every house in Germany and in many parts of Europe.

You can find the complete article of the HNA from 01.08.2021 here.


40 Years of "Biotonne" (Organic waste garbage can)

Tongue training against viruses

Prof. Wilfried Engelke develops a training and a device to control breathing

The Göttinger Tageblatt reported about the current project of Prof. Dr. Dr. Wilfried Engelke on infection control, which he is implementing in cooperation with the Cuvillier publishing house.

You can find the article here here.


Article from the Göttinger Tageblatt 13.01.2021

Book review: Inclusion through movement relationshipsn

Fabian Muhsal reports in Sportunterricht magazine about our book “Inklusion durch Bewegungsbeziehungen” by Reiner Hildebrandt-Stramann, Heike Beckmann, Dirk Neumann and Andrea Probst.

Review in: Sportunterricht – Monatsschrift zur Wissenschaft und Praxis des Sports mit Lehrhilfen, April 2019 (68th year).

Interview with Annette Jentzsch-Cuvillier in Charakter-Magazin!

You can find the complete interview here:
More information about Charakter-Magazin: 


Ulrich Drees interviewed Annette Jentzsch-Cuvillier. The interview was published in "Charakter-Magazins" of June 2019.

Guidelines trauma surgery

The German Society for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery reports on the new Trauma Surgery Guidelines in its January 2019 newsletter.

Klaus Michael Stürmer (Editor): Guidelines trauma surgery

The Göttinger Tageblatt reports on the guidelines Trauma Surgery, which is published in the fourth revised edition by Cuvillier Verlag. You can find the text here.

from, 06.07.2018

Claudia Tödtmann from Wirtschaftswoche interviewed our author Bettina Al-Sadik-Lowinksi, PhD. Al-Sadik-Lowinski has published “More than half the sky?” and “How Chinese women rise” at Cuvillier Publishing.

You can find the complete interview here:

Clemens Gütl: Hermann Junker

the book Hermann Junker. Eine Spurensuche im Schatten der österreichischen Ägyptologie und Afrikanistik (Cuvillier 2017) by Clemens Gütl was reviewed positively by Arno Sonderegger (University of Vienna) in the der Wiener Zeitschrift für kritische Afrikastudien. You can find a complete here.

Articel of the Stuttgarter Zeitung, 26. November 2017

The missionary who converted no one.

More than a hundred years ago, Richard Wilhelm set out to do missionary work in the former German colony of Qingdao on the east coast of China. Born in Stuttgart in 1873, the theologian, sinologist, philanthropist and cultural expert still enjoys a good reputation in China today. Cuvillier Publishing will publish a book about the eminent China expert in 2018. Read more here.

Cuvillier Publishing publishes the book „Richard Wilhelm und Qingdao“

How come that a Swabian who set out over a hundred years ago to proselytize in the former German colony of Qingdao, China, still has such significance today? Richard Wilhelm, born in Stuttgart in 1873, theologian, sinologist, philanthropist, and cultural expert, currently plays an extremely positive role in German-Chinese relations. This just became clear again at the Frankfurter Buchmesse (Frankfurt Book Fair), where a cooperation agreement was signed between the Qingdao publishing house and the Cuvillier Publishing House. “Richard Wilhelm and Qingdao” is the name of the joint publication, that is now published a century after the work of this missionary who never proselytized.

Articel by Gabriele Booth from Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung 

Cuvillier Publishing cooperates with a Chinese publishing group

Theologian, missionary, sinologist: Richard Wilhelm was all of these, living in Qingdao/China from 1900 to 1924. He translated important works of Chinese literature, built bridges between Western and Eastern philosophy, taught at Peking University and founded a German-Chinese school. Now, starting in summer 2018, Cuvillier Publishing will publish a series of five works by the great China connoisseur in cooperation with the Chinese Quingdao Publishing Group. “The high esteem in which Chinese culture is held in the Western world can be traced back, among other things, to the works of Richard Wilhelm. These are still a significant contribution of the understanding of Chinese culture and history today,” said Annette Jentzsch-Cuvillier, publisher and owner of the publishing house. “However, the cooperation with the Quingdao Publishing House is only the beginning of an exciting collaboration, because in the long term, this will initiate an important transfer of knowledge between China and Europe,” emphasizes Ms. Jentzsch-Cuvillier. But the new project is not the first time that Cuvillier Publishing has paved the way for Chinese literature to come to Germany. In the past, for example, various works by Dr. Werner Handke, the first Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in China, have already been successfully published. Cuvillier Verlag has also published more than 100 works by authors with Chinese roots.


Bericht des Göttinger Tageblatts vom 19. Oktober 2017

We owe the press for a number of positive reports regarding our target group-specific marketing compaigns, our continuous aim for improvement, as well as the high satisfaction of our customers and partners, such as Audi AG.

Be it reports about our publishing house in the local press, our books in various scientific journals or about our cooperation with our affiliates—our work and our products are universally well-regarded.